June 2021
The story behind this photograph - Debris
This photograph was taken in October 2017 during Storm Brian, the storm was forecast and happily for me it arrived on a weekend and so was much easier for me to get there. The storm swept along the South Coast of England, this photograph was taken at Newhaven a well known photography spot for these types of occasions.
The wind was easily extreme gales force which was whipping up the sea into a frenzy the waves at high tide were monsterous on occasion dwarfing the lighthouse.
Although the wind was blowing there was only the occasion rain shower to accompany it, a lot of the time the sun shone with  blue skies accompanying. This photograph aptly named Debris was taken from the Eastern end of the harbour looking West. It clearly shows the amount of sea debris that is thrown around on these occasions, all manner of stones and shingle. 
I spent a good few hours enjoying storm conditions, I don't think that there has been another storm like it in the 4 or so years since this was taken.
Pentax K3/ISO 100/DA* 16-250mm lens set at 250mm/F9/1/1000 sec shutter speed.


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