February 2021
The story behind this photograph 
I set out early on this late December morning, I wanted to capture the sunrise at Cuckmere Haven, in Winter the sun rises out to sea which can in the right circumstances make the chalk cliffs look spectacular, in the Summer the sun rises above the cliffs so this isn't possible.
The weather forecast was good the only limiting factor was that the tide would be on its way in so perhaps only a limited time would be spent on the beach. Long exposure photography was what I had in mind.
I headed to Hope Gap and down onto the beach, I was setting up the tripod/camera when to my amazement 2 surfers arrived, we exchanged a few words, they assured me that this was a regular outing for them and that they enjoyed an early surf, I guess they are governed by the tide which by this time was getting much closer to where I was.
I really had little option but to include the surfers in my shots as they were in the water directly in front of me and in front of where the sun was going to rise, actually I was happy for them to be there, it added additional interest to the photographs, serendipity springs to mind.
I only had around half an hour shooting after the sunrise as the sea was steadily rising up my boots, time to make a hasty retreat.
I've developed a series of 4 photographs to date from this series titled Dawn Surfer 1 through to 4.
The photograph shown is Dawn Surfer II.
Pentax K70/ISO 100/DA* 16-50mm lens set at 24mm/F13/1/5 sec shutter speed.

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