Dungeness, a headland in Kent facing the English Channel  is one of those iconic places that photographers like to visit due to the nature of what is there once you make it to the beach, a once thriving fishing community now sadly largely abandoned. There is the decay of old boats, railway tracks and storage facilities all very well photographed and documented over the years. It was therefore with some trepidation that I decided to make the two hour journey to visit the beach, the first time I'd been there is around 50 years! Photographically I didn't want to tread in the same footsteps of the many that had gone before, I had decided that I wanted to try to document something different in a simply processed set of Back & White images. I'm proud to present these 10 images that I felt on the day showed a different side to the Dungeness 'norm'.
As always there images are available to buy in Limited Edition prints, please enquire.

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